Photo booth at restaurants

Photo booth restaurants

Installing a photo booth at restaurants is a brilliant idea to engage your diners, get their feedback and hence increase your profile. Here are a few tips for you to get started.

1: Social media

A picture of a happy customer is worth a dozen reviews. So, encourage your diners to use photo booth for free and by their permission use their photo on your social media channel.
Some photo booth comes with a social media share kiosk which allows diners to share their photo on their favorite social media channel, and in return they may tag your restaurant’s social media identity.

2: Branded photos

The picture taken by photo booth can be customised to your brand. Adding logo, business tag line or some message to each photo is so easy. So when your customer go home, they pin their photo in their house. They remember the great night at your restaurant every time they see that picture.

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3: Run a contest

The photo can be used as a reason for customers to book a restaurant table. Run a selfie contest, diners come in, have a meal, take a selfie at photo booth and enter it into a contest. At the end of the month or quater (whatever you feel like), choose a best selfie and declare a winner by giving a free dinner for two or a gift voucher.

4: Hashtag print

Some photo booth provide hashtag printing facility. Means customer can take their selfie with their mobile phone, upload that picture on Instagram or twitter and hashtag with your restaurant name. And while they leave, they can collect the same photo (printed, with your brand)
These simple ideas could really help take your restaurant business to next level. Get in touch with a photo booth company and discuss your options.

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